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WTB: FE126e cabinets near Ramstein

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As the title says. I'm stationed here in Ramstein and I'm very limited to tools and wood. Sucks, I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pre made or if somebody wants to venture and build a pair of cabs, that would be great! Bare MDF would be fine for me...for now. Thanks
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...I dunno whether this hits your needs "dead-center" , but Saarbrücken is not too far off
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IIRC this guy has been in the business for quite a long time, being some kind of a "regularly
reviewed" in both of the german speaker-builder magazines "Klang & Ton" and "Hobby-Hifi".
No affiliation with this guy or something like this on my side.
Hope this helps.

Ramstein has a pretty decent wood shop in the basement of the north side gym. They also sell wood. You have to go through a short course before you can use the tools. IIRC the briefings are held every saturday at 1000. The people there are friendly and I'm sure they'd be willing to help you out with what you want to build.
I'm also in the dorms on ramstein. If you haven't found it already, I'd suggest checking out ramsteinyardsales.com. It has all sorts of stuff for cheap. I was looking to build my own speakers last year until I found a couple of decent pairs on that site. People are always buying new bose setups from the bx and selling their old but decent ginormous speakers. :whazzat:
Sweet, thanks for that link. Those Frugel horns look nice and they aren't that bad price wise. I just have to figure out a way to pay for them because I don't have a German bank account and I'm not sure the Community Bank here on base can pay stuff in Euro, but I'm probably wrong. I'm 721 AMXS. Crew chiefs, woohoo. Only been here 3 weeks.
It's ebay, you can use paypal. Also visa/mastercard/whatever are usually accepted in the larger stores in Germany. you might be charged a couple bucks for an ISA fee by visa or whoever. I think the banks on base and USAA refund that for you though, but don't quote me. If all else fails, C.O.D. is big here. You can just pay the postman in euro when it is delivered. Well, actually, you'll probably have to go down to the post office to pick them up and pay there. I'm waiting for a pair of rack cabinets right now that are coming cod, so I'll find out how it works soon.
I'm ground radar maintenance. electronics are alright, but I wish I'd gotten a fabrication job. I'd love to be working in a machine shop.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.