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WTB : Electrolytic Caps

Hi All

I need some electrolytics to recap my Sugden A28.
I don't want to place an order for so few parts...

I'm looking for :
- 1 x 1uF / 100v (Nichicon PM/PW or Panasonic NHG/FC)
- 6 x 2.2uF / 100v (Nichicon PM/PW or Panasonic NHG/FC)
- 3 x 10uF / 100v (Nichicon PM/PW or Panasonic NHG/FC - 10x16)
- 6 x 470uF / 100v (Nichicon PM/PW or Panasonic NHG/FC - 16/18x35)
- 2 x 4700uF / 80v (Panasonic ECOS2AA472EA or equivalent - 30/35x50)
- 2 x 10000uF / 40v (Panasonic ECOS1HA103DA or equivalent - 30x50) -> Solved ;)

Shipping to France + Paypal fee.
Maybe we can trade I've got a lot of big cans ;)
Thanks for your answers

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2006-11-04 3:34 pm
Not really urgent, I need those caps to end this replacing job. (about 25 years)
I can wait a little or share shipping fees if you place an order.
Min order at Mouser's is 70€TTC to reach free shipping.
My order is lower than this goal...

Thanks Steve, I really appreciate your care, as usual.
KMH in this value 4700uF/80v is too large for the enclosure (35x60 vs 35x50 max)

Thanks :)