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WTB Digital class D/T power amp for 16ohm speakers


Paid Member
2003-04-27 11:44 am
I would like to buy a full completed power amp, no volume control, just power amp inside a decent chassis. 1 input only is fine. It needs to be 230 Volts main and preferred choices are based on IRS2092 or Class T.
CDA-254 from Classdaudio would fit, to give you an example. My speakers are 16 Ohm, with 97dB.
For sure I want to outperform in sound quality my actual tripath 2020 designed by 41Hz and get a bit more Watts for easier flow of music.
Budget can reach 400 Eur max depending from the amp topology.
With this limited budget Hypex is excluded i guess..
Thanxs for sending proposals


2008-06-05 8:19 pm
I has got nothing to do with the load being easy or not. It is about linearity, potential ringing, insufficient reduction of switching frequency and EMI that comes with unmatched filter components. Using 16 Ohms speakers will result in unmatched components and thereby suboptimal filter response in every standard (post feedback) IRS2092 or class T output filter topology. That is one of the reasons I pointed your attention to the bridged modules in my pm yesterday.