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WTB: Beginner's Kits! And spare parts/boards, etc. - Starting Circuitry!

I'm taking some vacation days for Christmas and New Years- Hope you all the best btw! But figured it was time I finally dive into a hobby that I've wanted to start for years- circuits.

Besides a cmoy kit that I build years back, I didn't even understand circuits- I just put it together by pictures and labels!

So if anybody has leftover kits that they're not going to use, PM me with price and information.

Looking for:
~~~ Cheaper amp kits (I heard gainclones are easy and nice)
~~~ USB Dacs
~~~ Preamps- not sure about this one since I've seen the schems and it looks difficult, I also find preamps can be had pretty cheaply on craigslist if you wait, even nicer high end ones!
~~~ 8" Full-range drivers
~~~ Chassis and Enclosures!

Thanks guys