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WTB: Bay Area (Large Enclosures)


2020-01-06 3:57 am
Willing to pickup any enclosures you guys might not be using before I go ahead and build some. Preferably tuned low sub 25hz

Open to 8"/12"/15"
t-line/sealed/vented/passive radiator

let me know what you have.... I'm also looking for TC Sounds Drivers
if youre in socal i can make the drive


Paid Member
2005-11-07 3:34 pm
I’ve got a couple of large subwoofer enclosures. 24 cu ft each tuned to 12hz. Port could be shortened to raise the tuning. These have holes for 18”ers. I also have re xxx 18’s available as-well. You can have the cabinets, the subs are $400 ea.
I’m in Aptos ( Santa Cruz area).