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WTB: Assembled Pass B1 in Chassis


My 11 year old daughter and I are building an Amp Camp Kit and some Fostex Speakers. We also need a preamp to match the amp camp. I am not sure we are ready to assemble a Pass B1. I am looking for an assembled Pass B1 hopefully in a chassis that matches the Pass Amp Camp kit.

I might also be interested in a complete kit if there is one similar to the Pass Amp Camp.

Thank you,


Paid Member
2007-11-04 6:39 am
Hudsonville, MI
I have an assembled B1. It's not in a pretty case (very small) but it works. The power cord has a plug so it can be powered by the normal supply or batteries. Its not being used now, so you can buy it at cost, or you can try it (and send it back to me) to see if that's the route you want to go. On the other hand I'm sure you could handle a B1 build yourself.