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Wtb 24/192 Dac


I've got an Analog Devices AD1896 DAC that I'm not using. It is 24/192 capable, it uses the Crystal CS8414 receiver, an Analog Devices AD1896 upsampler, and an Analog Devices AD1852 DAC. It is an evaluation board, very well designed. You would have to add a +/-15V power supply and a case to it (I could help you out with that if you need help). It's a pretty cool unit, you can experiment with upsampling to various bit rates and frequencies, it even has a digital output, so you can use it as an upsampler with another DAC. Because of the upsampler (the AD1869) it should be very immune to jitter (everything gets reclocked).

I bought it but went to a different type of system (6 channel digital crossover) so I'm not using it. I'm also in Toronto, let me know if you are interested. It wasn't cheap though.