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WTB: 10k Stereo Attenuator ($5-$20) (US)

Nice find!!!

I have come across these at one point I remember seeing that "S" connection trace somewhere but I guess I was too focused on getting one of those bigger Trough Hole resistor Ladder Types.

I was going to buy this 10K 24 Step Ladder Type Stereo Volume Control Attenuator but the resistors look like Stackpoles or no name brand ones and I would have liked a Dale Vishay ones. Also shipping adds up too so it makes it like $24-$28

I wanted somethign like this 100K Ladder Type Stereo Attenuator with Dale Resistor | eBay

How does that DACT compare to the ones I listed above?

I will most likely buy it. I like the SMA resistors and shortened signal path.