WS18X vs W-bin


I am going to be building a subwoofer for house parties in the summer and I am considering building two different designs. Either a WS18X style subwoofer or a W-bin. I’m truly just building it for my own joy but wondering what would be the best result and if a w-bin produces enough low end? Which one would you have built and why?
A W-bin is a very short horn, compared to the wavelengths it's attempting to reproduce. The cabinet linked is acting approximately as a ported box for its bottom-end response, so <60Hz is only going to be as good as that driver in a ported box anyway.

Tapped horns are worth a look.

It's worth starting at the beginning, though:
  • How big?
  • How loud?
  • How low?
  • How much power and DSP do you have?
  • What's your budget?

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I probably wouldn't choose either of them.

As others have mentioned, "W-bins" are better for higher bass frequencies , not subwoofer duty.

And the WS18X uses triangle vents, which are very lossy, and its topology looks like a two-stage stepped end-loaded TL, which may introduce response aberrations at the upper end of its passband.

An offset-TL or MLTL or a TH can get low. THs also tend to be a bit larger, but they can produce more output.

Offset TL -
Offset MLTL -
TH -

All built based on the same 12" driver.

Oh, if you're building for parties, consider two, using at least 15" drivers.
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Here is a Fane folded horn W bin.
Would need scaling up for a woofer.