Woven Cloth Cable Wrap Jacket Sleeving WHATEVER YOU CALL IT

Greetings all!

I'm familiar with techflex and nylon sleeving and PET sleeve and all of those "plasticy" cable wraps.

What I'm looking for is that woven, rope-like cloth that comes on (for example) guitar cables and old synth patch cables and such. It typically has a very attractive pattern woven into it, with multiple colors.

Does anybody know what this stuff is? And where I can get it?

I'm at, it seems, the end of my rope.
The colors?

We don't got no stinking colors!

In all of my searches of sites in and out of the US, I didn't see one with colored cotton wire insulation.

Now if you are looking for something to match what they did years ago, good luck! I think as far as opinions on DIY wire insulation, less is more (no dyes, other materials, etc.)

If you are restoring a vintage electric guitar or amp, I understand why you would NEED this.

If you have seen it in anything manufactured recently, call the manufacturer's technical support people for a source or to sell what you need. Gibson and Fender have 50s and 60s replica guitars that are identical (or as close as possible) as to ones from that era, right down to the pots, wiring and pickups. Maybe they can help!

Cotton shoelaces. The sizes and lengths are right for jumpers and interconnects. Go to the kid's section of a big shoe store. You should see cotton laces in all patterns and colors.

Laces usually come stuffed and you have to pull it out. Its OK to just turn the shoelace inside out. Secure the end threads by stitching around with a needle and thread. After that, dunk the laces in hot water and hang them up....that shrinks and packs the cotton cloth giving a tighter pattern, more heft. Then iron them smooth. Plan on that by buying twice as wide as you'll need. Kid laces can be fat.

To give them a tiny bit of extra durability and a smoother feel, spray them down good with teflon from a can...the kind you put on your snow shovel and blower blades. Silicone spray might work, never tried it.

If you can live with jackets of woven thermoplastic or woven fiberglass, surplus military cables are good sources; I have a stash of these that are all beautifully made and in many colors and stripe patterns. Also, woven jackets are found in scap power supply gear from industry....mostly woven thermoplastic and teflon-loaded fiberglass. Generally you have to bid on a skid of that, not too expensive really if you can pick it up yourself. In a really good lot, and if copper is in there and you are willing to to bid over the scrappers and hams, you can get a nice selection of other things like filter chokes and caps, teflon wire, huge heat sinks, good power resistors, ceramic insulators....along with the copper to recycle to largely pay for the purchase! Also industry scrap lots are a good source of large contacts, and of circular connectors for cutting out usable gold and silver pins, sockets.


2007-03-18 9:22 am
Synthetic fibre braid can be found with huge variety on Kern-Mantle rope for abseiling and clumbing. just pull the kerns out with pliers. Comes in some pretty big sizes, 11 and 13mm is common. It would make a seriously chunky looking cable that would be strong enough to tow a truck.

Also Prussick (spelling?) cord. It is about 1/4 inch and very brightly coloured. Used for various purposes for climbing. Rated for about 250kg.

Here are some examples:

If you insist on cotton I think you could find cotton and silk kern mantle rope from certain <Ahem> mail order websites for <Ahem> adventurous variations on certain bedroom activities.
Best to clarify what it's for to your spouse BEFORE it gets delivered.

For obvious reasons I'm not posting a link for the cotton and silk.
KP11520 said:
In all of my searches of sites in and out of the US, I didn't see one with colored cotton wire insulation.



http://store.triodestore.com/wire.html (though they only seem to have brown left in stock)