Would you pay for something that you can't hear?

First you have to ask yourself, where exactly do these things get their signal? Ok so they "operate in the GHz range", fantastic, but if there's no information in the GHz range being sent to your speakers (which there isn't), how are these things supposed to do anything? Not only is there no information encoded at that frequency for the "ultra tweeter" to play, your amp couldn't reproduce it anyway.
In order for it to work it would need some input in the GHz range. I don't think my system can deliver that.

I did save the photo though. I'll print 2, mount them on wood blocks and and place them atop my speakers. I'm sure that will work just as well and look at all the money saved.

Let us know how they work out for you.


Jeez, look at that. 5 replies while I was typing.


2003-07-08 12:47 pm

I think that's from the same company who bring you a jar of magic stones.

Obviously they make gear for these critters


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Ron E

2002-06-27 10:41 pm
If you can hear the difference with those, you need to get an intelligent chip, a TICE clock, some mpingu discs and a totem beak. Don't forget not to skimp on the designer power cords. Get some Bybee quantum thingamajigs for every component. For icing on the cake, put a brick on your amp, put armor-all and green pen on all your CD's. I seem to recall some wooden hat-rack looking things that were the flavor of the day a few months ago on the Asylum - you should get some of those as well.

Don't forget the monster cable....biwire it so you have to buy twice as much ;)

Once you get all these accessories, your system will have soo much air that it will no longer suck, it will blow.