Would you mind answering some beginners questions please?

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Hi all, would you mind please answering some noob questions?
I am pretty excited to find your forum.

I found this site whilst pondering DIY DACs but realised they are beyond my knowledge and current skillset.
Especially having read a lot of things on here, boy what a lot of knowledge.
I am incredibly in awe.

I will want to build a couple of amps and some speakers at some point in the near future.
I am a complete beginner but have always wanted some half decent gear to soothe my ears.

However, my questions are about this digital world that seems to exist these days :)
I know nothing about it.
I have been reading a lot, but I don’t understand most of the words.
Can I please check that I am along the right lines?

I would like to use my Pi to run some music.
From there, I believe I could go the easy route and get a DAC hat (which I have for the garage, but the quality doesn’t matter out there).
I am led to believe that the Pi causes (excuse the terminology) interference and noise and jitter type things.
So, I believe that it is best to use a transport to remove the signal from the Pi and then use a DAC. Using optical outs such as Toslink, Coax or BNC.
So, next I looked at Transports such as Hifiberry digi + pro, Justboom digi hat, iqaudio pi-digi+ all of a similar price.
Then as I continued to read, it seemed like the Allo Digione might be a better investment longer term but seems like it has a few negatives.

So, then, as I was searching on here, I saw what seems to be amazing stuff that Ian Canada is doing. So far beyond my understanding, I can’t tell you.

1) Is the GB open to anyone even a noob like me and new to the forum or is it only for existing members or a limited number?
2)Can I please confirm that I would need FIFOPi and Transporter Pi. Other than a PSU, I wouldn’t need anything else would I? (As in would they work the same way as, say a Digione in that I just then need a DAC to play music?)
3) If I am allowed to enter the GB (I assume Ian gets more cash from the GB than he would me purchasing via Audiphonics) I see there are some free items. Are these things that I would be keen to have as I improve my system over the next few years or are they irrelevant to me? I don’t want to ask for them if they are not.

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As a registered member you are free to enter any group buy that is currently open and 'taking orders'.

I'll let those more knowledgeable than I in the world of Pi answer your other questions.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions in the relevant threads... no one ever started out as an expert :) so ask away.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.