Would this be MMTMM or WMTMW...

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I have been in the planning stages for my new main speakers in my HT setup for quite some time now and finally have come down to the final stages of ideas.

The idea is to have a "satellite" if you can really call it that of 2 Hivi (M6A or M6N ??) 2 Hivi M3N and a yet to be determined tweet. These will be sitting atop a plate amp powered Hivi M12 in it's own enclosure.

What I am trying to accomplish is a "satellite" (2.5 way or 3way) with decent low end response where the M12 can pick it up from there. The M12 does not need to get exceptionally low as there will be a monsterous dual 15" of some sort to handle the earthquake generation.... Until the dual 15" happens down the road my Quatro 15 in 6 ft^3 will be in service to really take care of anything 40hz and lower.

The reason I picked the M12 is very simple it matches the other Hivi's I want to use. I want an extremely visually appealing speaker as well as a good sounding unit. The black cones just don't do it for me and that leads me into another quandry.... which tweeter to match into the combo? I have found several models that seem to blend in sonically but visually are lacking the appeal of the other Hivi drivers in the system.

The system will be used for a combination of things. Music (I have wide tastes ranging from classical to Heavy Metal), HT usage as I'm a big movie buff, and music for mass crowds that always seem to appear in my house on the weekends.

Suggestions are very much appreciated.

Jon Marsh had a beautiful Hi-Vi system built;
You might ask him for the link, I can't seem to find it.
My journey to find an HT system that can play Classical to Heavy Metal took a different route. I was struggling to find a bass unit to go with my MTM's that could acheive what I wanted. As you can see in this pic I went through quite a bit of test boxes.


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RJ, I know which system you are talking about by John Marsh, I have seen it and it was pretty impressive indeed. I was thinking of going more of a sealed box route instead of the dipole however that could always change as I won't actually desing the box until I get the drivers and test them.

I was seriously considering a line for a while until I priced what all the drivers would cost me :( Just can't quite afford 'em to get the line height I would need in my current living room that has 13 ft ceilings. To get that minimum magic of 70% height would have taken me minumum of 22 5" drivers per side. Maybe on down the road I will attempt such a thing.

BTW, that is a beautiful line you have. Maybe in a couple of years I'll have as many test boxes as you.... :)

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