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Lacking the mountain of knowledge some of you have, I am a buyer, rather than dyi'er. I have found an interesting DAC being produced by a small manufacturer who is just starting out. Would anybody care to comment on the chipsets/caps being used? Here is the description...

This is a filterless, non-oversampling 16 bit DAC. The main benefit from having Non-Oversampling DAC is that you simplify the whole process. Not having oversampling and filter you reduce the jitter to the minimum. The input is based on CS 8414 chip. This is a digital input interface chip widely used in all HIGH -END CD players and DAC's circuits. The digital converter is based on 8 chips TDA 1543 connected in parallel. Paralleling DAC's is the only way to reduce distortions and increase accuracy dramatically. At the output the DAC uses a Burr-Brown OPA602 op amps, paper in oil capacitors and it has separate power supplies for the digital and the analog circuits. DAC has optical and coaxial/RCA inputs. It comes with a gold plated RCA's for output. The power cord is interchangeable. This way you can use some high-end power cords with IEC320 plug to further improve the sound. We made listening tests and compared DAC with SACD. You'll be amazed how much more analog this DAC sounds compared with SACD. The detail and soundstage is amazing. Even in the low end this DAC has better resolution without loosing the detail and clarity in highs.

Much appreciated!

Non-o/s does not reduce the jitter. It does reduce sensitivity to jitter. Ok, it eliminates an additonal source of jitter. Big deal.

The amount of jitter will be determined by the '8414. Which will be quite a lot with RCA inputs. More with optical.

Not what I would consider a state-of-the-art approach. What I think is not important. As long as you like it is all that maters. But you asked............

Thanks for your reply. I have spent the morning poking around and it seems that this is a modded DAC-AH from diyclub.biz! Very interesting comments there as a number of people seem to like it. There are also a number of other DACs there so I am going to start another thread to see if anybody has heard any of them.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.