would a PAM8403 amp board be any good for a portable BT speaker?


2018-07-18 11:57 am

first of all the PAM8403 is a Class D chip, so maybe the admin should move this post.
the data sheet shows it is with 5Volt power supply just 2x3W with 10% THD possible. so 10% is not so nice to listening -it should be under 1% THD. but look at page 4 you can see the values. so with about the battery 18650 you get 3,2V!..

therefore you get 0,45Watt in 8R or 0,85W in 4R and that fine for that supply. its a filter less chip so do not need extra caps or coils before the speaker terminal.
so forget this "chinese" 5Watt. for 6 bucks its a fine to try out.