would 2X15,2X12 work in 1 cab?

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Hello DarkestHour, I can't say that I've ever seen a cab like that, so I can't say how it would sound. Size wise, it's going to have to be at least large enough to accommodate the size of the driver frames. When you are dealing with musical instrument speakers, you are in a whole different realm than speakers for final music listening. Musical instrument speakers are much more influenced by what type of sound you are looking for. Some people like open back speaker cabs, others prefer the closed back design. The only way to really find out the results is to try something out. This all depends on your budget. One possibility would be to build a really big cabinet for the driver, but place them close together. Then you could fabricate different panels that can be installed inside of the main cabinet that will adjust the box volume this would allow you to mess around with things to find the sound you are looking for. If you make it with a removable back to access the cab to change the volume, you will also be able to experiment with open and closed back cabs. Whatever you decide, post pics of the design, and some comments on the experiment.


yea ill have to expiriment alot to figure it out,

i was debating on making 2 separate cabs, 1 with the 2X15s,and 1 with the 2 12's but i shopped around and it would cost me quite a bit to make 2 seperate cabs, but i think 1 cab would be way to heavy to move around personally.

ill figure something out, thanks for the help
Hey DH, no question the cab would be quite heavy. Even a cab with 2x 15 will be pretty heavy. It's all what you are going for. I would still recommend making it so that you can use the cabs as open or closed back, it gives you more access to different sounds. Always a good thing with your axe.:D Rock on.



I was planning on making them with the backs removable just incase.

But i also had a question about porting. im pretty sure ill need atleast 1 port hole of some sort. maybe like 2" or 3" not really sure though, the cabs will be sealed though.

let me know what you think.

im really looking for alot of low end power.(hence the 2X15's) i play Rhythm in a metal band :p
Hey DH, The diameter of the port is only part of the equation. The length of the port influences the frequency it's tuned to. The other possibility would to make an aperiodic port. This is where you cut a hole in the front panel, staple a piece of mesh screen over the hole. Then stuff insulation into the hole until it is tightly packed. Then staple another piece of mesh screen over the hole on the other side of the front panel. What you may want to do is make it so you can remove the front panel also, that way you can experiment with different baffles on the cab. You could make a baffle with no port, one like I just described, and then one with perhaps a 3" port, then attach an adjustable port tube to the 3" port hole. You can get adjustable ports from Parts Express and MCM Electronics, among others. Just some thoughts.
You really aren't looking for deep bass here, it is rhythm guitar, not bass. You're more looking for a punchy midbass to work well with a good crunch tone. At least that's what I would try for.:D



P.S. Where in New Hampshire are you? I live in Burlington.
I dont know much about frequencies and all that, but i planned on making the front removable also. ill look into the adjustable port things, hope they dont cost to much.

yea your right, i need more mids than lows. , but i really like low end sounds for some reason. mainly for break downs. lol

Im from Nashua. Burlington is pretty far from here hhaha

Sealed 4x12" using bass (guitar) drivers with good throw is your best bet.
For bass (guitar) drivers the 4x12 would be deeper that most 4x12's.

Used for bass it would also be well stuffed, but the jury is out for
guitar use, some people like the undamped internal resonances.

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Too bad you don't live closer. I have a pair of 4x12's sitting gathering dust.


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Guitar doesn't put out much real low bass. Cabinet size isn't critical. If you can stand the weight all four speakers in one box it will be fine. Look at a 4x12 and make it appropriately larger. Also, guitar cabinets with a port sound weird. I would not do that. With that many speakers you will have a full sound sealed or open back. Standard 4x12 cabinet is 30"x30"x15" deep so make that 10" taller and it will blow you across the room. If you seal the bottom half with the pair of 15" and open the top with the two twelves I bet it will sound huge, fat and open.
Canada isnt to far :)

yea i think ill just make 2 separate cabs. 1 2X15, 1 2X12, will still sound good.

ill post some pictures up as im building it.

those dimensions seem good, 30x30x15 ish

i was also looking for some type of metal grill but i cant seem to find 1 anywhere!!!anyone know of any sites?

Hey DH, Depending on what you are looking for, you could buy something from McMaster-Carr and if it isn't the color you want paint it. They are a industrial supply company (in case you don't know). They carry a lot of different metal stock, including various perforated metal patterns. Not sure if they are painted or natural metal. Good luck.


Hey DH, The cab looks pretty good. Are those Altec?!:bigeyes: :D If so, you have some really sweet drivers right there. They are quite possibly worth some bucks, so treat them kindly.
So, are you going to finish the cabs in tolex or carpet, or are you going for polyurethane for a natural look. Have you found a suitable metal for grill covers. If you are going to put some sort of grill cloth over the front, then you could cover the speaker cutouts with a coarse screen from a hardware store for an extra measure of protection. And if those are Altecs, they are worth protection.


Hey DH, I was looking at your thread in the musical instrument section, the original cab for the 15's looked like an old fender cab for the bandmaster head of the 60's. We had one of those setups in my high school auditorium. They had a damn fine tone. I remember a guy jamming away on a strat doing some surf music. It looks like you got a great score with that find. You could probably still sell the cab to someone!



1 problem. the cab is in really bad condition. has sheetrock screws put in all over the place. it looks like someone tryed to repair it or something. definatly not built this way in a factory. has 2X4's all over the place on the inside. looks like a 12 year old got ahold of a drill and some wood haha
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