• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Worth to buy - tubes?

This is a shorted list of tubes I can buy. Useful or not?

e2d - 20$ 8x
c3c - 20$ 4x
c3g - 34$ 20x
c3m - 34$ 10x
807 - RCA - 28$ 8x
AZ1 - 14$ 4x
AZ50 - 16$ 8x
GZ32 Philips - 26$ 4x
6k7 RCA - 25$ 10x
6k6gt RCA - 25$ 10x
5Y3GT RCA - 18$ 12x
Philips Miniwat 6080 - 60$ 4x
12sh1l (russian 12ž1l) 10$ 100x
EC88 (single triode) - 14$ 20x

The ones I know:

c3m - nice signal pentode with loctal socket
807- 6L6G with top cap, useful and rugged power output tube, 5 pin base
AZ1, AZ50, GZ32 - cool looking old rectifiers- AZ tubes have weird bases though, may be very hard to find
6K7 - metal tube radio pentode, no real audio use
6K6GT - medium power audio pentode, like 6V6. Nice as a driver possibly?
5Y3GT - low ish current rectifier (GZ32 is far superior)
6080 - worse version of the 6AS7G regulator tube. Good if you want to make an OTL amp. not for much else though.
EC88 - single triode- NOT equivalent to 1/2 ecc88 though. Could be a good driver for a 6K6 of 807 though.

The sockets might be hard to get for some of these, especially the loctals and AZ tubes.

Those prices are for the whole lot I take it, otherwise theyre a bit pricey.
amperex said:
I do not see any real useful tubes- perhaps the 5Y3 rectifiers.

The C3* valves and the 807s are very useful valves.

A pair of 807 into a 6.6K load cal produce 26.5W at 1.8% THD.

A triode strapped C3g has ra of only 2.3K and a µ of 40, and is impressively linear.

If the price is per tube, thats outragous.

Most definitely.