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World class midbass horn

Selling a single midbass horn together with one Oberton 15NMB600 driver. Developed together with Bjørn Kolbrek (PhD in horn theory and author of "High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems: History, Theory and Design").

Measures very even and needs little EQ, and has a constant directivity of approximately 80x50° between 200 Hz and 1500 Hz.
The horn also avoids the floor bounce and measures therefore amazingly flat in the room.

A few pictures:
90 grader (Medium).JPG

45 grader (Medium).JPG

IMG_20190323_130121 (Medium).jpg

Width: Max 122 cm
Height: Max 89 cm
Length with rear chamber: 120 cm

Rear chamber is built with a sandwich of two layers of birch plywood (2x 10mm or 12mm, can't remember exactly) with viscoelastic glue between and the horn with 21mm birch plywood. The rear chamber has a 2-pole speakon connector.

It's possible to buy a second midbass as well. However, the appearance will be different than this one and price will be higher. Or perhaps you can use this a center speaker.
Take note that shipment from Norway to the USA can be very high. Shipping to Europe is considerably less. Will need some time to pack.

Measurements here: https://www.soundlyvisual.com/index.php?threads/vera-audio-midbass-horn.35/

Asking price: 13000 NOK (approximately 1129 euro or $1206 plus freight cost. Or you can give a bid.

Contact: info@lydogakustikk.no
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