As requested in post #4,604.

Bubinga dining table with figured maple inlays. Chairs are also Bubinga but with birds-eye maple inlays.

Beautiful dining set!
I used bubinga on these 3-ways. The edges are cocobolo. One coat of natural Danish oil and clear lacquer top coat. Really like the combination.


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...We take an afternoon trip, visit a couple wineries, enthusiastically sign up to be wine club members, and now we receive 16 bottles per year. From each and every wine club we joined. We (and honestly, 90% of our neighbors too) are in the situation where supply exceeds demand, so "inventory" grows... ...Forum member @WBS can tell you all about it.
I'll admit to my pouring freely for our guests, which may have resulted in lower financial inhibitions resulting in an increased number of club sign-ups. :) New members often remarked that mine was one they would keep!

Absolutely beautiful table by the way!