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2011-10-07 12:43 pm
Hello, i hope you can help me out!

I have bought several EVM 4222 Boards with the PCM4222 from TI and an RME AES sound card. My problem is, that i haven't thought about the Clock!
As can understand now, several AES Inputs must be synchronised to the card's Clock (or the other way round).
My first idea was to use the connector which is called "external clock" on those Boards. But this connector is not identical to a wordclock (Or the other way round, i thought that wordclock is in this frequency range) Wordclock is exactly the sample frequency.

I think the easyest way is to connect the internal clock of the boards (24.576Mhz) and then devide it for the external clock.
Now i have got 2 Boards in one 19" rack.
Im not so deep into digital schematics, is it the best idea to devide the clock by several Q-Flip Flops to get fs/128 (192khz).
This method might be impossible to connect 2x 2Boards in different cases, so i would prefer the second posibility (imposibility)

Using the master clock output of the RME Card and generate MCLK which is 128times Wordclock. But is this possible?

In the Attachment is the "interesting" part of the EVM 4222 Board


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