Woofer Tester

I have just purchased the Woofer Tester from Parts express, and have not received it yet. I have heard many good things about it, so I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. What I need to know from the reading public is this: What are its strengths and weaknesses; Is it accurate; Will it measure all that I will need for plug in to my Bass Box and X-Over programs? I think that's a good start! John L


2001-12-26 8:02 am
Have you asked Paul over at PE?

It's good for woofers and midranges. But only barely so for tweeters, because the impedance in the treble range goes haywire/weird. And no matter how fast your computer is, it still takes its time. Make sure you have a free serial port also. Can be a problem if you are using a serial mouse and serial modem or such. Lastly make sure you have a good set of very low resistance test cables/wires to use otherwise it might come back with some errors. But it is simple to use and I think, but not sure that you can import some of the data.
AE, I haven't talked with him yet. UPS delivered my shipment to the wrong address and hasn't straightened things out yet. But when they do, I'll probably give him a jingle. Ok, if the response curve will only go up to about 10,000 CPS as David Weems mentions in his latest book, what program would you recommend for me if I wanted to measure the tweeters? My X-Over program will work best when all the known values are plugged in, but how to get them is they are unknown is the question. John L