Woofer Question


2007-09-08 1:43 pm
Hi, I am building a very cheap two way speaker, and, therefore am using a cheap woofer.

The woofer is therefore not built to the highgest standards - The cone is not aligned centrally within its metal cage, therefore, on one side, the rubber surround appears wider, and on the other, a little narrower.

Now my question is, should I mount the woofer such that it is positioned to the center of the metal cage, or is it ok to drill the holes such that the dust cap is sitting in the centre.

I'd rather mount it such that the dust cap is centred for aesthetic purposes, and surely, the sound will be better in this way as the actual cone is centred.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
Georgetown, On
Hi morfius,
I'm not sure what you are asking exactly.

Are you considering dismantling the woofer itself in order to attempt to recenter the cone in it's basket?

As far as mounting the speaker on a baffle, I'd mount it as if there were no imperfections. The speaker you have is "defective" and you may (probably) replace it at some point. Your box is most likely worth more than the woofer.

If the speaker you have is new, consider exchanging it if possible.



2007-09-08 1:43 pm
Hopefully these pictures will explain it a little better: