Woodworking shops to help with DIY speakers

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Hello Folks,
I am modifying some speaker cabinets in the process of building some DIY loudspeakers for myself and one of the things I need to do is enlarge the speaker cutouts in which the driver fits. That is, I need to enlarge existing speaker cut outs by about 0.5 inch diameter(so 0.25 radius enlargement). I would have taken this on myself but I did not want to buy tools for just this one single job and I do not want to deal with MDF dust. Is this something one can get done at some kind of shop? Is there a particular kind of woodworking shop that might take on a tiny project like this? Or, even better are there audio shops that might be found that can do this? Any pointers on finding help with this is appreciated.
Current carpenter former hi-fi shop employee....

Audio shops, nope. Once upon a time a car audio shop building their own boxes may have been convinced to, but nobody really builds their own anymore. Car audio is dead in the water as a serious mainstream business. (except for the odd die-hard)

Cabinetmaking shops? Nah they'll all just say "go buy a sabre saw" unless you present them with silly money for it. It's below the "worth-it" threshold.

Here's the thing man. Buy a flush saw or a keyhole saw (hand tools) and just d.i.y. it. A dust buster will take car of the mdf dust.

If you simply MUST have rebated speakers then get a chisel (and an old crone's tooth plane if you want to be precise) and go to it old school.

Total investment, 20 bucks for a decent saw? And you don't really even need a decent saw if you're only using it the once.

I dunno I just can't imagine the worth of sourcing out something so incidental.
woodworking shop will charge $50 an hour or so. Job shouldn't take more then an hour if they want to deal with it. I can if you are in NY.

I am in the Denver area. I guess I could find some tools at home depot to do it. It is a really small job as you guys point out. Perhaps a retired carpenter on craigslist can help. Thanks for the suggestions. I will post how it goes:)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.