wondom sure AA-AB35511

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Hi thanks for reading this

Do you have any opinions on sure / wondom boards. What are they like in terms of sound quality and relability.
I am musing over the aa-ab35511, two of these to make six channels,
or the six channel aa-ab34181
Have you do know anything or heard anything at all

This amp is 300w x3 into 3ohms. You should read the datasheet to see if this output is at 10% distortion. Are you intending to use 3ohm speakers. If you are going to use 8ohm speakers the power output will be a lot lower. Also there are often a range of options for the power supply which will dictate how much power it will put out.

It says it is a T-Amp but does not give any details of the chip used. If it were known then you could get others views on it's sound signature. I have built many Class D amps with various chips. They do sound different. I have bought several boards from Sure over the years, the latest was an IRS2092 based board that IMO sounds very nice.
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The six-channel amp uses 3 TDA7498 chips. It is a good amp, but it uses ceramic caps in the output filter, which results in higher distortion than other TDA7498 amps that use film capacitors. See this link for the distortion measurements and a good discussion of other output filter issues: Trevor Marshall - Class D Audio Amplifier Design - TDA7498 Output filters

I don't know how audible that distortion is, but it's not that hard to replace the caps. Here is a project that used that amp for a stereo 3-way "plate amp": 8. Case study #2: a 3-way design – Audiodevelopers Reborn. I made two versions of that amp--see the article.
The aa-ab3511 is 500 watts x 3 into 3 ohms with 10% thd,

then 300 watts into 3 ohms 1% thd.
My speakers are 8 ohms, so am guessing about half of that, 150 watts into 8 ohms.

Which is fine, i am a 10 watt / channel kind of guy.
It is indeed a t-amp, the chip is sta516be.
Power supply is 24v - 50 v
The irs2092 is indeeed a very nice chip, it usually is used on the higher end boards.

The 6 channel board uses tda7498

Both of these boards are made using cheap components, usually a modders dream. I intend to replace just about everything that can be replaced.
There are reports about some sure boards once modded sounding brilliant.

What do you think of these two boards, how do you think they stand in a head to head comparison.
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