Wolfson DAC kit from China ?


2009-01-02 1:49 pm
Hi Brian, welcome to DiyAudio.
I havn't any experience with that particular kit but I did build this one and it worked fine. There's plenty out there even cheaper.
Can't say much about it's SQ but I couldn't hear any real difference between it, the Asus Xonar DX in my PC and a cheap Denon CD player. It's been doing TV sound duties for 5 months now.

A few things to note about building these kits:
1. there may be a few small parts missing (missing ferrite beads in my kit)
2. there aren't any instructions. You have to use the component IDs on the board, the auction photos and a bit of thought to work out the correct places for some of the parts.
3. The main IC's are surface mount and you have to solder these yourself. This could be a challenge for a novice. You can ask the seller to solder the SMT parts for a little extra or search for other kits with the SMT parts ready soldered.