Woden Design Kongo build


2014-06-22 6:45 am
Im planning on building the kongo horns for my small studio and have couple of questions-

1. What other drivers could be used for this design? Im hoping for something cheaper that i could buy from partsexpress.

2. Is the plan available in metric system too? I worry that im messing up the dimensions by only roughly following the metric units already on the document


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Avast is not that good anymore, with a lot of false positives. I moved to Panda on my own computer and Norton my my professional computer and both don't block the site. It's also not in the blacklists of the firewall systems (one of the big names) we use at my job (i'm an IT system engineer as profession) and those are central managed by the company who supply them to us.


2006-06-07 7:00 am
There are similar designs on the Woden site (this is not a plant 10 design, but a woden design, Planet10 did draw it in cad, but did not design it.

Scott (Scotmoose here) from Woden designs got a few more plans for drivers that are still availeble: https://www.wodendesign.com/fostex.html

...and sadly they are all over the place, many buried in unrelated threads, the official websites links (Woden, P-10, Frugal etc.) are not updated to include them and there is no easy way to find them let alone know they exist.