Woden Baby Lab, 3" "Redeye" Sounds Great!

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Thanks Scott for designing and P10 Dave for drawing! Awhile back I took what Dave would call a "Flyer", and built the "Redeye" baby lab using the Peerless 830987, a 3 inch aluminum driver. Because the Parameters of the 830987 are relatively close to those of the Aura NS3, for which the "redeye" was designed, I didn't think I took tooooo much of a chance on how these would turn out. I don't have measurement tools however, listening to test tones, these little guys solidly reach down to 55-60 hz...not bad at all for a 10 inch tall desktop! They sound very good on most stuff but I have noticed, with some female voices, theses aluminum 830987's can sound a tad "harsh". In retrospect, I would certainly build these little baby labs again, but I would use a different driver. I keep threatening myself that I could splurge and treat myself to the FF85's!


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Which Faitalpro do you have experience with/prefer and why do you like? which box (or boxless) was it in? Looking at some reviews of the 3 inchers, I see they are reported to be clear, detailed sounding and efficient.
If I were to take another guess of which baby lab to put the 3" Faitalpro in, the parameters look close'ish to the ff85...the "Lance".
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With so many similar sized small desktop ready FR TL speakers - most of which seem to reach down to 50Hz no prob - I wonder if eeny meeny just pick one method to choose which to build is the way to go. Often most cannot get to listen to finished builds before making that decision. There is this one, there is the Henkjan, there is the folded QWTL designed by the Taiwanese whose name eludes me, I found others at this forum and elsewhere too.

I even heard over youtube 2 designs i liked - one almost rivals the also youtube performance of the Boenicke W5se mini - I d say maybe 80-90% of their quality, all in a single driver DIY plywood project.
"plund, I only know 4fe35, great sounding in nautalos by xrk971
I only use it from ~160 Hz up with sub
search xrk971 posts, he tested many small drivers, and somewhere he has commented on many faitalpro drivers as he compared them directly
search is your friend."

Adason, Thanks for the info re the 4fe35. I've always thought the Faitalpro's appearance is a bit wonky...with the mounting "ears", but as I think about it, I would likely put a protective grill over them anyway so looks would become a moot point. I have read some of xrk's favorable faitalpro reviews. (and also look forward to "round six").

"I'll sort a dedicated one. In general, I prefer to design something for the driver rather than trying to stuff it into an enclosure designed for a different unit."

Scott, I wouldn't want to obligate you to create a design just because I intend to stuff a potentially roundish peg/driver into a squarish hole/enclosure. If it didn't work out I take full responsibility for my bad idea!:D In my simple way of thinking, which I am presently stuck with, I see the QT and the cone size and the RF of the 3fe22 are very similar to that of the ff85wk, which makes me think the Lance is at least a close candidate.
kmaier, On Scott's Wodendesign.com website, I am not sure if you were looking for the baby lab plan-set there but if you were, were you able to locate them there? ...I could not. I was only able to find them in a link in planet10's "woden design 3" box designs..." thread.
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