hello all I'm a newcomer to this forum so please be gentle. what I have is an old box that Iused to run in my v.w. beetle. It''s set up for two subs in one single enclosure ( no seperation panel between the two). I've got two 8 ohm phoenix gold 10's that I've put in and plan to run off of the bridged channel of my alpine v12 amp. I used to run this very same set up except with a phoenix gold qx350.2 amp. the only problem is that now i can't remember how I'm supposed to run my wiring from the amp to the subs. can someone tell me an answer to this simple question and also if I can expect the same kind of performance with this alpine amp cause this thing used to stomp.
Well, pretty much by wiring your two 8 ohm speakers in parallel you’re going to have a 4 ohm load to the amplifier. Looking at the specs of the QX350.2 that you ran before you were pushing 350 RMS into that load.

You haven't told us the model of the V12 that you are using now so I can't make a judgment on the output power.

Just take a look at the specs for your V12 amp either on Alpines website or in your manual and look for the output power in Bridged mode into 4 ohms.
Wiring Diagram


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