Wiring two passive crossover 3-way speakers in series


2007-05-07 1:08 pm
What happens when I wire 2 speakers that have 3-way passive crossovers in both of them in series? I have 4 speakers that are 4 Ohm, can I wire them in series without any problem to get a pair of 8 Ohm or will one speaker's crossovers start messing with the other's? To make things more complicated both pairs of speakers have different drivers and hence not identical crossovers.


2007-06-29 8:49 pm
this is generally not a problem if the speakers are the same. If you use very different speakers certain minor sound problems may occur.

Despite the world's obsession with power, speakers are really voltage driven devices. We feed them voltage, and they consume power.

When you wire them in series, each speaker gets half the available voltage, but you have two speakers kicking out sound, so it averages out. Two speaker won't necessarily be louder than one, but they will do a better job of filling the room with sound.

Overall, assuming you wire them carefully to prevent shorts...etc..., there is really no risk in trying.

The second speaker connected in séries receives a signal exact equal to the one received by the first speaker or it's not a "pure" signal ( already with modifications left by the crossover of the first speaker) ? Thanks a lot.

They get the exact same signal ...assuming... they are identical speakers. And while the signal they get is the same, it is also Half the signal from the amp, the sound output of two in series is still roughly equal to that of one speaker.

However, the speakers are a lot less strained, and have half the excursion of a single speaker. That means double the power handling. So, there are advantages to this method.

As long as the speaker are identical, this really should not be a problem. Let us know if you try it and how it works out for you. Always nice to get feedback.