Wiring Stetsom HL800.4 with 4 ohn speakers

Hello audio techies,

Hope all is well for the most part. I bought a Stetsom HL800.4 class d 4 channel amp which is designed for four 2 ohm speakers.

I would like to use 4 ohm speakers and aware of the fact that I have to wire them in parallel to gain an impedance of 2 ohms, however the amps diagram illustrates a wiring sequence i am not used to as can be seen in the pic.

Do I wire the 4ohm speakers the same way as the diagram shows for the 2 ohm speakers and then just add the other two 4 ohm speakers in the exact same way in parallel?

Idealy I would like to wire the kick panel speakers in parallel witn 2 tweeters as the front, two 5 inch along with two 6X9 in the rear so a total of eight 4 ohm speakers.

Thanks for your help.



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Good Day Guys,

I am guessing now one did this before.

Running the speakers in parallel is straight forward, the only part I am not sure about is the center terminal.

Does that make a difference with the impedance when going the 2 speaker in parallel route.

I have added two more drawings to illustrate.



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