Wiring ICEPOWER 500a with linear supply

Have a linear supply 800va transformer with 83v after rectifier, 12v smps 5a for the signal power. Have my se input to hot and cold tied to agrnd. Cannot get any sound. Do I need to have mute or standby connected. This is on a Icepower 500a hanger module. Purchased from Parts Expresss and tech support is no help. Im at a loss as to why its not working. Have my main power on + on the cap and black wire to neg on the cap. Anyone with experience wiring these willing to help would be greatly appreciated.


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2003-04-26 10:25 pm
Yes you need +/-12V (Vcc and Vss). And probably also put pin Mute and Standby to ground. Never put any of the two output pins to ground (like a probe to a scope) for Icepower - they are not floating...




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Thanks for all of the replies! Have a +12 -12 smps coming today for the low level. Thats what I thought about mute and standby, just heat shrinked the leads. Have a linear supply with +83v and -83v. Should i hook both boards to the +83v? Or one to the +83 and the other board to the -83v for the single
voltage inputs?
Aha - I thought the "roof" gave it an inverse funktion so that you needed to ground it to get a "1" :)



Remember you actually want NOT muted and NOT in stand-by, so they both need to be logic FALSE, which means that inverted versions need to be HIGH

Since its hard to put a bar over the top in ASCII an alternative naming convention for inverted logic signals is #MUTE and #STANDBY, or NMUTE, NSTANDBY