Wiring for 2 tweeters

Hi there
I am building some speakers and want to fit 2 tweeters. I want to keep the cabs 8 ohms to match the bass driver and crossover. The tweeters are 8 ohms each, what would be the best way to wire these? Both tweeters in series with a 16 ohm resister in parallel or both tweeters in parallel and a 4 ohm resister in series? I hope this makes sense. Thanks
The tweeters may be wired as either 4 ohm or 16 ohm as you can design the high pass (treble) section of the crossover to suit either.

You don't use resistors in the way you suggest. Perhaps you need to find out more about crossovers.

It sounds like you may be using an off-the-shelf 8 ohm crossover board.

Supply make and model of drivers and you may get suggestions about a suitable and simple crossover circuit.
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