Winter warmers for Aussies: new DST drivers and 3 designs now accessible

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WES Components, Australia's DST distributors, have recently updated their catalog. Their usual site is being updated, in the meantime the new catalogs are available from their retail store Wagner
Unfortunately, prices are not in these catalogs, you will need to call in for pricing (typically very competitive with US pricing)

On top of maintaining the existing Peerless HDS/XLS series drivers, they added the entire new HDS family, the 12" XXLS subwoofers, as well as an exclusive dual 4 ohm voice coil.

A handful of ScanSpeak parts have been added including the S2904-7100-00 (dome version of the SS ring-radiator) and S2905/9700 (shielded 9700), 15M4531K00 (5.5" Revelator midrange)

Of particular interest to Aussie DIYers are some Vifa drivers that already have ready-to-build designs/recipes. No hassles with cabinet and crossover designs, or importing drivers from US:

*classic* Vifa M21WO-39-08
as used with the D25AG tweeter in Dennis Murphy's Vifa Tower:

*new* Vifa DX25TG as used with the Peerless 850488 in
Troels Gravesen's HDS/DX:

Vifa XG18WH00-08, as used with the Seas 27TDFC (also availalable in Australia from in John Krutke's XG18MTM:

As usual, my recommendations for inductors comes from Equinox Audio (, capacitors (Solen, PMT and others) and resistors (non-inductive wire-wound) from WES.

All you need is a router and a shed.

Have fun!
Two more DIY design that uses Vifa parts, previously unavailable locally to Aussies.

Vifa PL18WO
as used in Troels Gravesens' 24L floorstanding 2 way:

as used in the Wayne J's big MTM floorstanding Eros
MkI Project/eros.htm
MkII Project/erosmk2.htm

You might be wondering- am I not affiliated with any aforementioned business?

No. But as a DIYer I was looking for a long time for designs to build. Unfortunately, sometimes the tweeter was available, but not the woofer, or vice versa.

So, in total, here are 5 designs newly accessible to Aussies.
This summer it will be a great time for speaker building.

I have yet another excuse to stockpile drivers. Check out my website for in-progress projects...
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.