WinPCD v1.1 Released - Primarily user interface changes based on user feedback

WinPCD now has optional windows, several of them. The system SPL and impedance graphs are now on their own window that can be sized to your liking. The schematics (originally from PCD) are in their own window and can be re-sized to suit. The generic circuit layouts are on their own, though these cannot be re-sized.

One very useful additional window has new versions of the schematic layouts that include the component values overlaid by the respective values. These values are updated in real-time with changes made to the design. When you have finished the design, you can print the schematic with the component values. Only those tabs and component values that are active parts of the design are displayed.

On systems with small screens (laptops), you can design without the system graphs, since, like the PCD, the summed response can be displayed on any of the driver graphs. If you have a desktop with multiple monitors, you can open windows to your hearts content and view them all at once.

This is at this time, only for 2-way and 3-way crossovers. With the interface stable, I'll be able to move on to the next parts.

Full information, screen captures and the downloadable file are at my web site, the top link goes to my blog. If you go to my site, please check out the link to the dedicated WinPCD forum.

Minor bug fixes

A few small fixes have been made. The current version is 1.104. They didn't affect the design calculations. One was that the impedance graph wasn't being updated automatically for the tweeter in a 2-way design due to a typo. Toggling the display will update it. The 3-way section was fine. Additional information can be found at the Version Details page.

If you do update, be sure to follow the update instructions at the Installation page. It's important to uninstall the currently installed version first.

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