WinISD v.7 - ¨discuss amongst ourseleves...¨

Sven R

2011-04-16 6:48 am

Here I wish to ask some questions, discuss some aspects... etc. (it involves you, too, of course...) about WinISD new version (v.7) software.

First, I would like to know more about 1st port resonance parameter. If I am making a P.A. speaker enclosure for 1x12¨ speaker plus H.F. unit, and if I wish to use !2¨ speaker from say, 50 Hz to about 1,3 kHz, should I aim to have my ¨1st port resonance¨ABOVE the 1,3 kHZ? Or is it OK to have it somewhere below, say, 750 Hz and such? What is that all about, should I have that resonance ¨out of the way¨, meaning, having it higher than my 1,3 kHz so that 12¨ speaker does not get that frequency anyway (of course, it can make those resonances regardless...)? Kindly elaborate a bit, the ones who know this software and this issue well enough... thanks.
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