WinISD enclosure design program


2001-08-20 10:32 am
Generally speaking, in a 4th order bandpass box (front chamber ported, rear sealed) to get good output does the rear chamber always have to be larger than the front chamber? I was designing a box consisting of four 12s, each pair mounted clamshell (isobaric). The 12s are all in the same box, but the chambers between the pairs are separated on the rear chamber and joined in the front chamber allowing for a 6 db mutual coupling gain out of the ports.
Has this been done by anyone else here?

...using WinISD for the project.

neither win-isd (or bass-box for that matter) can calculate bandpass cabinets with just a bit of relation between the simulated response and specs and the real world.

win-isd has several flaws (i did write the developer 3-4 months ago, so far he didnt bother to answer)

bye (and good luck) - k madsen -