Windows 98 Upgrade ??


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I'd recommend one of the many free flavors of linux instead. Note that the latest version of Ubuntu requires 384MB of ram minimum instead of the earlier versions which require just 256MB. (Version 6.06 works fine on older machines with 256MB of ram) There's also Debian, Knoppix, a compact port of Debian, and Damn Small Linux amongst others.

Ubuntu has installed on every piece of hardware I have ever tried it on without any issues. More recent versions of the others generally have been fine too.

I doubt the latest versions of Suze Linux or RedHat will run on such old hardware..

Others will weigh in with additional suggestions I'm sure.

I'm not a linux expert, just dabbling from time to time.

Linux gives you a modern desktop interface that is not prone to the frequent crashes I remember with Win98 on six different machines I owned, is not likely to be compromised by most malware, virii, trojans, worms, and other exploits, and has more modern applications available.

What is the intended purpose of this pc?

Almost no one in the apps world supports win98 any longer so you would be limited to software that is at least 4 - 5 yrs out of date now.
I second the suggestion of Ubuntu. I like Kubuntu for the KDE desktop better than the Gnome desktop in Ubuntu, but you won't go wrong with either.

If you must run windoze, get a copy of win 2k. It was by far the most reliable POS (piece of software?) that M$ ever made. Don't enable auto updates- it will update itself to nonworking condition in about 2 days.

"The day M$ makes a product that doesn't suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners."