Wilson Benesch - Square 2, 3, 5 Owners - Useful Info

Just a note to all W B Square 2, 3 and 5 owners!

If you inspect the embedded aluminum sockets that accept the 4 bolts holding the bottom black plinth of your speaker [and the sheet of steel that accepts the 3 spikes] to the actual cabinet you may find - as i did - that they have suffered severe metal fatigue.

My speakers have been lovingly cosseted since new and this is not a feature of abuse - they are cast aluminum and the constant vibration they undergo seems to have caused there failure.

The easiest (and it is easy so dont be afraid to do it) way to remove them is to unplug speaker, turn upside down on a soft cloth, take off the bottom, tape a coffee jar lid under one hole and then drill it out - the lid catching all the bits - repeat. Replace with good quality T nuts, pull into place by reinserting the bolts with the base off, remove again and replace the base and metal plate and put the bolts in for good this time. You can get a LOT more torque on the steel T nuts than the old aluminum ones.

The result - for me at least - was amazing. It took 15 mins each speaker. I have since made several other very simple upgrades - I will post these later.