Wilson Audio Grand Slam X1 - Clones

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Indeed, mostly Focal is used. The bass and upper bass units are 15 and 12 inch "polyglass" drivers, but the are not (and have never been) available for DIYers. Tweeter is an old pure titanium design - a member of the huge T120 family - using a classical rubber surround. BTW this is the worst tweeter Focal has ever done... Well, will be difficult to get, too.
The midrange drivers are classical 7" Seas.
The Focal drive units are very easy to come by

No, they are not, believe me. Even in former years, when Focal built classical polyglass drivers for the diy-market, they were not available. There were drivers looking similar, but they had a different motor. The Wilson drivers are NOT those well known monsters with that multi-magnet-motor. Jaques Mahul definitively does them exclusively for David Wilson. I spent some years working for a Focal-distributor.

And why do you say it is one of the worst?

There are good reasons why Focall normally uses a foam surround on their tweeters. They used to on the early fiberglass an kevlar tweeters, and it worked well. Wehen they switched for titanium diaphragms, they had massive problems with glueing foam and metal. So they left the foam - knowing it was the far better solution - and did a classical rubber surround.
That product did not last very long, and only a few pieces went to the market. But Wilson still wants that tweeter - perhaps because nobody else has it..? I don't know. Tchnically, the later tioxid-versions of the T120 are far better.
I was so impressed with Wilson Grand Slamm speakers when they came out that I built my own version. However after using them for 2 years I switched to open baffle design and didn't change anything since then.


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Wilson Clone

Hi HPotter,
These look better than the orginal. A friend of mine has the original X1 but all middriversurrounds were rotten due to the harsh tropical climat; oversea.
We resurrounded the cones but I am still not sure it is right. Did you know these middriverss are very firmly glued to the cabinet?Almost impossible to replace. What kind of drivers are you using?:)
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