Will this work?

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hey everyone,

I feel like I'm learning more and more about audio and electronics!
but I always get stuck and confused at some point

I would appreciate it if someone could help.

I'm going to build a portable speaker box,

Iv designed a box on sketchup (just learning that too)
and I dont know how to send a link but if you search up "cam's speaker box"
it will hopefully come up. if it doesn't here are the details

length: 70cm
height: 26cm
width: 28cm

with two
Dayton Audio DS215-8 8" Designer Series Woofer Speaker

and two
Dayton Audio DC28F-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter

all next to each other and with the woofers in the middle.

It's also going to be ported,

4 inches diameter
7.51 length

is this correct?

If this is all correct so far, how would I make a crossover for this set up?
because I'm totally lost when it comes to 1st order butterworth, etc.

hopefully someone can let me know I'm on the right track! :)
Wow, no I didn't mean any of that. :) I meant, when you listen to music, if you enjoy the feeling of the music spreading out between the speakers, you need the midrange to be further apart, and since you are making a two way, that will mean keeping the woofers apart. Together you will not hear the left to right separation, but you will hear all the bass.

The overall balance of bass to the rest of the cabinet is up to your crossover design. :)


Well they do make some smaller profile tweeters which could help but not sure they would be as good. One trick is to use the router you'll use to cut the baffle insets to cut the tweeter flange so they are closer than you could get otherwise. Of course, if it's a metal flange this will probably require a sacrificial router bit. :)
Bugger why would they make the flange so big! Haha. Would I have to find one of the same resistance as the woofer? Also what size amp would I need to power these?

I was thinkinghttp://www.parts-express.com/sure-electronics-aa-ab32971-2x100w-class-d-audio-amplifier-board-(t-amp-technology)--320-3340

But I would need a bigger pover supply right?
Yeah I could do but they don't match with my needs. As I would like it to be portable. I was meaning that if I got an 8ohm woofer could I get a 4ohm tweeter because I found a 6 ohm. I think I could do it. I just need a bit of help. I feel like I've come this far I might aswell carry on haha.
Where did I go wrong?

Hi Cameron,

Start here:

A Speaker Maker's Journey: Crossover Basics

A Speaker Maker's Journey: LM-1C The Process

There's also a sticky thread at the top of the forum on crossover design without measurements. As far as I am concerned, that's just an invitation to madness. Even the Luddites use rulers. :)

Using Dayton Audio drivers is a good thing since they provide files compatible with XSim, which you can use to start learning about crossover design. Look for the files in the Parts Express driver pages, near the spec sheets.


TBH, I didn't fancy a couple of woofers in a box with a tweeter at either end. Much as I love 8" bass and tweeter. :D

This is more like it. About a Cubic Foot or 30L.




Crossovers aren't hard. You can fiddle with them, even unwind coils.

Not the last word, but something on these lines below.

How are your soldering skills?


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I'd just go to your nearest thrift store or second hand shop and spend about £40 or the NZ equivalent on a second hand Pioneer, Sony, JVC , Sansui or Rotel amp.

20wpc should do it. No need for more. Here's my little 20-y-o cheapie. Nothing wrong with it. I had the switches spray cleaned.

I really wouldn't try and build one. Mains electricity is tricky stuff. :)


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Ah ok, but this wouldn't be portable right?

IDK, my friend. I've seen some pretty compact music centres. And Class D amps seem to be getting ridiculously tiny:


I'm not sure what this amp actually is, but they go quite loud with efficient 8" bass. But next to a couple of big lumpy 8" speakers, none of it seems too heavy to carry, or put in the car.

Actually, it's just occurred to me, that most modern folks use their iPhone and MP3 or something as the music source. But I still have my CDs. :eek:
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