Will this work- aperiodic port + passive radiator

Hi guys

I was just wondering if this combination will work- aperiodic ports on the back of the box with a passive radiator on the front (and would the more technical members please refrain from laughing or sighing out loud ;) ). Now I know that a passive radaitor is basically the same as a ported cabinet (and I don't think that ported and aperiodic will work together), but it is not quite totally the same, hence my question. The aperiodic port will lower the Q of the box, but will they work together. The addition of an aperiodic port might reduce the impact of the bass from the PR, or will it? I am just curious. Theoretically it should not work, but in practice... Any ideas guys?

Depending on how "heavily stuffed" the aperiodic was it would probably resemble a lossy enclosure with a passive radiator in it. The Tuning of the passive would be comprimised some what and probably impossible to calculate on paper. Such a system you cannot really model so if you have equipment to test, testing & experimentation will be about the only way to get decent results. How it will sound... who knows.. try it out and tell.


2004-10-19 4:29 pm
The only way 'I' think it will work is if the box was somewhat of a transmission line. Save the money on the passive and just go Aperiodic. You can even accomplish this in a small enclosure. The TL will be multi-folded and if the speaker has a high Qts - above .80 the So should be higher then the Sl.
Can you upload a pic of your idea????
Here's my guess


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Hi guys

BassAwdyO alsmost has the idea. I was thinking of using something like Vifa/Scan Flow Resistance vents. Add two of those on the back of the box with the PR on the front with the main driver. Then add some carpet felt (internally) to the rear baffle to reduce the effect of the aperiodic ports even more. The idea is to reduce the Q of the box so that a smaller box than optimum can be used with the PR. Just another of my crazy ideas :D