Will Dayton EMM-6 work with dbx Driverack PA +?

I just picked up a used Driverack PA + but it didn't come with the dbx RTA measurement mic. I have the Dayton EMM-6 electret measurement mic and wonder if anyone can confirm for me that it is a suitable replacement for the dbx mic.

I called dbx and Parts Express and neither was positive but both said as long as the EMM-6 is calibrated and has a flat response it should work just fine. Anyone have any experience or comment wrt this?



2013-02-10 3:54 am
It is not suitable to use automatic equalizing.
To run a analizer is fine. But make the decissions yourself.
The problem is that the analizer wants to make all frequencies equal in magnitude but this is not what you hear. So it is way better to put in pink noise and whatch the display while you adjust the eq. Then you can decide which of the corrections not only look good but also sound right. So you also train your ear.
If you don't believe me, then let the DBX do your eq 3 times and always choose a diferrent mic position. You will end up with 3 totally diferrent setups.
No one in the pro world does the system EQ by a machine.