Will a Jordan JXR6 work effectively in a tapered TL?

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I know this is a spiderless driver specifically designed for a sealed enclosure and I may have asked this question once before (but I cannot find my original question on search)- I am guessing that tapering will offer some back pressure to control cone excursion (how much I don't know) and that the volume of the line would be small if the line is quarter wave.
Would it help if the taper was severe for the first foot, then less severe for the rest of the length?
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the flute Sat might be a solution down to 120 Hz 6dB,


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The JX92 isn't a spiderless driver, it's more conventional than the JXR6.

As Planet10 says, using the JXR6 in a TL might be risky. The air volume behind the driver is practically it's only suspension. Putting it in a TL with a crossover to cut off the LF seems a complicated way to use it.

In my experience, it really needs crossing to a bass driver at 200Hz or above. Put it in a sealed box. If worried about internal reflections or wanting to do something unusual, have a look at one of the Ikea bowl threads.
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look here spiderless,

That is an old version. All the current ones, and that have been made since VIFA was making them (at least) have had traditional spiders.

Those, and the JX150, JX125 of the same era, do have a mechanical rear suspension (the rod connecting the dustcap to a foam spider at the back of the driver). The JXR6 (and J6T and Alpair 5) all rely on ferrofluid for the rear suspension/alignment.

Dave is right. The image is of the original J92. From the Vifa era onwards, they have a conventional spider. Partly because Vifa made conventional drivers and weren't geared up to produce the Jordan rear suspension.

The JXR6 uses a combination of ferrofluid and the box air suspension. So in a TL (or reflex) the danger arises when it gets a signal below the port tuning. I suppose filtered it might be ok (I've seen Ted test a JXR6 at 3 or 4 Hz without it being in any box at all) but still seems complicated when you can let a sealed box do the same thing.

Details used to be on Ted's website. It's not on the updated website (which went live last Friday) but may still be on the EAD or Jordan-USA sites.
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