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Hallo zusammen! (first in german)
Ich habe eine Homepage gebastelt mit vielen allgemeinen Infos und Bildern zum Thema LCD-Display + Tageslichtprojektor = (billiger)selbstbebauter Beamer. Die Seite ist unter http://www.widescreenathome.de zu erreichen. Diese Seite dient alleine der Information zu unserem Hobby und hat keinen kommerziellen Hintergrund. Diese Seite ist vor allem an diejenigen gerichtet, die nicht so gut englisch sprechen, bzw lesen können. Wenn Ihr Fragen zu dem Thema habt, dann einfach an fragen@widescreenathome.de mailen, ich werde versuchen alles so gut wie möglich zu beantworten. Sehr dankbar wäre ich auch über Eure Testberichte, bzw. technischne Daten zu den diversen Displays oder Tageslichtprojektoren.

Hello (now in englisch)
I have mad a homepage with a lot of information and pictures about LCD-Panel + OHP = (cheap)self-made projector. You can find the side under http://www.widescreenathome.de . This side is only for information not for commerce! This side is targeded to the people who do not speek or can not read english (sorry to the others, this side is only in german). If you have any questions, please write to fragen@widescreenathome.de - I will do my best to answer your questions (and this I will do in english too :).

I know, that my english is far away from perfect english--but I hope erverybody can understand what I mean ;-).

There are a lot of cool pages in the internet with a lot of information about our hobby -- but all these pages are in english (this is no problem for me, because I can read and understand englisch--not perfect, but tolerable..).

But here in germany are a lot of people who can't speek or understand english. And the meaning of my side was to bandy how easy and cheap somebody can have a bigscreen at home (under the german speaking people).

Translation of http://www.widescreenathome.de

The prehistory over years away I constructed myself an extensive film collection and regarded this then either at the PC or on my little 50cm television. Slowly however certain I became so a film lover, who looks at himself gladly once in all quiet a good old classic.

Sometime middle July 2002 was offered then an active 5.1 Surroundystem in NORMA, would have me that I then also zugelegt. Have actually I not wants to expect of the system much expected (what one for 129 EUR also already much?), but I hoped at least that it would be better, than my PC loudspeaker or the boxes of the television. But what should I say? I was surprised by the 1st second at to such an extent and enthuse was missing that I have not regrets this purchase - however anything yet yet to the perfect home Cinema enjoyment.

A Beamer must here, but quickly!

I later grasped a couple of weeks then spontaneously (out of a beer mood) the decision to buy myself a Beamer. I was able to bear it simply no longer to regard my films on this little Flimmerkiste. The Sound was through the 5.1 system much too good in the relation to this little picture.

I was not able to afford a new Beamer as a student anyway, therefore a needed device must here. And where does one view as a learned Internetuser first, if one what seeks needed? Correctly, one views in eBay past and checks the situation at the Gebrauchtbeamermarkt. Unfortunately my dreams of a cheap Beamer as well as a soaps bubble burst. Devices old even 5 years went yet for more than 1500 EUR over the eBay -table. Then I also yet learned that a replacement lamp costs about 500 EUR for a Beamer and has a service life of only 750-1000 hours. Therewith I was destroyed and was then first once totally at the ground already shortly before that to forgotten the Beameraktion.

Do It Yourself = cheap it does not go

But somehow I did not want it wahrhaben and began search in the internet for another source for a cheap Beamer. At the same time I stumbled through chance over a page for DIY-Projectors = Do It Yourself-Beamer (see the left area on my homepages).

I know, that hears itself absolutely crazy and/or complicates went me on, it at that time not differently. But everything what one requires in addition an Overheadprojektor (the lighter the better) and an Overhead-data is-/Videodisplay (with active matrix TFT Display and fast shift times). But in addition then more under "Bauanleitung" on my homepages.

I have the entire information and pictures on the different englischsprachigen pages and fora only so devoured, there it everyone independently from one another maintained, for a fraction of the sum, what a needed Beamer costs to got an equal device with only few handles.

Therefore again back to eBay, an OHP and a LCD Display ersteigert. Waited until all was there, OHP quickly for the bed placed, put Datendisplay on the OHP, all verkabelt, turned on and WWWWOOOOOWWWW. I never would have held the result for the price for possible. For under 500EUR I had not now a movie theater linen of almost 3 meters width with strong colors and absolutely fluid movements (and it would be with security yet around much more strongly and more prettily, if I it simply only on mine yellowed Raufasertapete projezieren would become; -).

Test and compare

After I was enthused by the quality more than, I unconditionally wanted to know, compare to strikes itself how my solution in that Beamern of the newer generation. Therefore the Display into the pocket packed, copies a film on the Laptop and from therewith to the DUNO. There I connected then my Laptop in the different rooms with Beamern and "sample show". Subsequently always immediately the Display with the OHP in the room operated and compared the quality. The result was that the Display does not need to hide itself on a light OHP (device should over 4000 Lumen have, if one the room 100% Industrial Trade Union abdunkeln can) behind no Beamer. If one observes it in relation to the 8000EUR Beamern of the DUNO.


There is probably no more favorable possibility to come at a LCD Beamer, to construct itself than it even. A current LCD Beamer works actually after exactly the same principle as well as an OHP with LCD treatise: in the LCD matrix according to designed tension, the crystals become permeable or imperviously turned. Behind the LCD
matrix, a very light light source is. Before the LCD matrix, an optics to the sharpness balance is. Homepage:
Translation of Aktuelles

A nice person loaned me its Nview Spectra C - LCD-Display for two days and STRETCHED the part!! Directly after that immediately the good processing and the metal housing pricks unpack into the eye. All very cleanly and stably. The colors are substantially stronger and the speed of the Displays is incredible. No comparison to my ASK IMPACT WSX (and of that am I already enthused been). Now I first correctly can estimate the entire praise anthems at the English pages for the Display (z. B. here to read about).

The Display was banished however probably unfortunately only in the USA and accordingly rarely will emerge hold it probably in this country in eBay-however I the eyes openly: -).


Now it goes off!

To construct a characteristic LCD-projector, can simple or complicates be, depending what you want. For the 1st method, one requires only a lichtstarken OHP and a fast LCD-Display. To know how one turns on the devices, is there well the most difficult part: -). In order to get out a yet lighter and sharper picture, one requires some time in order to make himself in the areas electronics and optics fit. But whether that here work, time invested and money the result justifies, would like to doubt I and would refer herewith only to my left section.

1St method: LCD-Display + Overheadprojektor

A fast and well received LCD-Display buys in eBay. The Display should support passes a solution of 640X480 (the more highly the solution, umso are more expensive the LCD-Displays - however usually also slower - perfectly out of) to 640X480. Preferably the LCD-Display of also yet connections should have for S-video in order to be able to connect or similar to also DVD Player. The shift times of the crystals should lie in 50 - 30 ee (the more quickly the shift times, the more fluid the video representation). The price should move about 400 until 500 EUR. Loud many englischsprachigen pages following devices are suited especially for fast video reproduction: Nview Spectra C, Nview Z115, Sharp QA-1650, Sharp QA-1750.

Would buy a lichtstarken OHP. The lighter the OHP is, the clearer, sharper and also farbintensiver becomes the picture. It gives are to be preferred in OHP two different lamps type, at the same time the Halogenlampen to metal evaporation lamps because the Farbtemperatur of the light much more naturally is.

Put now only the LCD-Display on the OHP, infect all necessary cables, arrange and turn on on a white wall - READY.

2Nd method: LCD-Display + modified Overheadprojektor

OHP with a stronger lamp "aufrüsten" (caution, that through the higher wattage and warmth development of the OHP does not damage wird!!!) Casing of the OHP with a lichtundurchlässigen material to intercept around disturbing scatter light (at the same time unconditionally on that is to be respected, that the OHP yet enough air to that "breathe" gets, geg. should ventilator incorporated become).

3Rd method: LCD-Display + selbstgebauter OHP

Here an OHP ausgeschlachtet becomes and only the necessary things become as well as lamp, reflected, received mirror, electronics and optics. One constructs himself a characteristic Beamergehäuse.

4Th method: little LCD-Display + selbstgebauter OHP

Here a LCD-Display littler substantially comes becomes the insert (evtl. out of a portable television, or out of a Gameboy), that by behind with a lichtstarken lamp durchleuchtet. For this variant, one requires however very much technical knowledge, time and also money.
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