Widescreen LCDTV for a DIY Projector?


2005-04-29 4:58 am
Oh, my bad.. i guess its not widescreen

its panel size is 12"x9", will this work on an OHP? Anyone tired using one of these as a projector panel?

Its got almost every input imaginable, VGA, Cable, 2 Component, Compsite, s-video

I think i'd be great.. i just dunno if its worth taking apart to see if i can make it work.. what do you guys think.
You don't HAVE to use an OHP if you don't want to :)

Tons of people have made boxes, mounted their own fresnels, triplets and cooling, their own metal halide lamps, and their whatever-sized LCD and come out with great results.

Myself, I'm a fan of LumenLab, which sells a guide with (more importantly) private forum access with a wealth of info on various custom box designs. They seem to have the most consistent results among the various sites, but their membership fee is $20, which annoys some people.