Wich one is real?


2008-12-12 1:10 pm
Hi , recently I purchased on ebay from US seller 20 panasonic FC caps 1000uf/63v, They look quite suspicious to me.
Can anyone assess wich one is the real deal?
Thanks for help.


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diyAudio Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
I have a two older 1000uf/16V, and not looking exactly yours
the 1000uf writing is much closer, and almost flows without spacing

but ofcourse they could easily have changed that since then
what was previously 'made in Japan' could now come from several places all over the world

will it still be the same cap ? who knows .... maybe its better :D


2008-12-12 1:10 pm
Merlin, you're right, the blue one were bought at mouser, also some other that I have in stock looks similar to the one on the left side, I also noticed the precision and details put in themanufacture process, any opinions welcome, thanks.
They are both genuine. Check the shape of the bottom/rubber seal and the stamp pattern on the top. High value FCs (and FMs) exhibit a bit of green crystals forming around the leads close to the rubber even when new. It's a Panasonic feature :)

I got both sleeve colors and all were bought from Digikey on different periods.
A PCB stuffing company that I worked for some time ago got caught out by just such a problem. The customer had specified a particularly low ESR Panasonic capacitor for a job and these were ordered through our usual method of buying from the supplier with the lowest price quote.

A while after the finished boards were shipped we received the whole 500 of them back because the caps did not meet spec.
We ordered another batch from a different supplier and when they arrived, apart from a slight difference in colour, they looked identical.

When we checked the ESR the difference was immediately apparent.
The 'fakes' had a reasonably good reading but the 'genuine' were ten times lower.
The purchasing guy got his butt kicked even though he followed correct procedure.