Why don't grown women like cartoons??

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T all,
The above may be a very over generalized statement, however, in my life the grown ladies shun the Toons. I can be watching Sponge Bob, Fanboy and Chum Chum or a plethora of other neat stuff including old Homer Simpson. I must add here that I am 59 years old my two sons are in there 40's. We can be watching this stuff with the grandkids and be having a real enjoyable time. It just seems when the daughters and my wife walk in the remote is swifty transferred to the ADULTS in the room. The females.
I had to watch the Simpson movie almost alone as well as Ice Age and the movie with Billy Crystal as the eyeball.
I love the fabulous deep rich colors on the big plasma and marvel at the imagination of the people who create this stuff. You just watch and rest and do not have to think. Kinda like fishing without all the preparation.

Anyone else out there have this situation at home?

Going on 60 and still loving cartoons -- Tad
You got it, a Stooge lover with two X chromosomes is a real rarity.

As it happens, my sister (who at 50 years old would qualify as a "grown woman") is a MAJOR cartoon freak- we were raised on Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Max Fleischer... she can still recite lines from just about any Droopy cartoon ever made. "Kissed a cow." I note that her degrees are in math and mechanical engineering, so maybe that explains it.
It's just not true. My wife has more time for cartoons than I do. She's always introducing me to new ones, such as 'The Life and Times of Tim'

Not that I dislike cartoons, I just get a bit impatient with the increasing plethora of stuff that is aimed at a short attention span, so I often select them out.

I forgot about Futurama. I really like those critters. Even the new show Sheen which is a spinoff of Jimmy Neutron. Like I said it is not necessary the content I just marvel at the far out color schemes.
Before the Simpsons no TV show every had pastel purple, lime greens, and bright yellow in one scene. HD on the big plasma really comes alive with those color combinations. And no hydro in more than 30 years.

There is no telling what 20 more years of technology will do for video. They will not even need human actors for major flicks.
Just got through watching Entourage on HBO.

They don't like em because they're not 12 - 14 year old boys.

I fake 66 with the best but really, I'm 14.....

It's the wacko kinetic playfulness that connects with the fellas. Doesn't do the same thing for most females.

Studies in obsession are my favs - get the waaaaabit!
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My wife thought that the R. Crumb version of Genesis was pretty interesting, factual to say the least! R. Crumb has been makin' cartoon long before there were Simpsons.


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