Why Aftermarket Android 9.0 Car Stereo is best currently instead of the Android 10 ?

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Hi all,
If you are an audio fan who is looking forward to upgrade your car stereo, you may have already know that there are kinds of Android car stereos in the market with different Android versions.

So does it matter much for the Android system in the car stereo? Is it really a must to get the car stereo with a latest Android system? Which Android system is best for car stereo?

As a car stereo lover, I have used different versions of Android aftermarket radio. And I'd be very happy to share my experience and tips with you.

In theory, the newer system your car stereo have, the better performance it will be. However, that is not the case for the car stereo. Why? Please read on to find out.

Compared to mobile phones, the hardware of car stereo fall behind a lot. This means most car stereo can't get the most out of latest Android.

According to my personal experience, most Android car stereos with the following systems Android 6.0, 7.1, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0.

Let me show you the main difference of them one by one.

1. Android 6 Marshmallow car stereo is mainly improved with the background app management "deep sleep", enabling lower power consumption and heat dissipation.

2. Car stereo with Android 7.1 Nougat takes advantage of the system code optimization. App running speed is 6X faster for the same hardware. You will have a much smoother and better experience.

3. Android 8.0 Oreo car stereo continues to improve the app start up speed and safety level. It pays more attention to the details to optimize the performance.

4. Android 8.1 Oreo car stereo doesn't have much system difference compared to 8.0 except some changes to the themes and so on, making it better fit with new hardware.

5. Android 9.0 Pie car stereo has a redesigned user interface, looks richer and more beautiful. Besides it added a lot of new features like the support of the latest Bluetooth technology HFP/A2DP.

6. Android 10 system car stereo only appears recently. Unlike other previous Android versions, Google requires third party manufactures to pass the Google GMS verification so that to get the full features of Android 10.

So do you think the Android 10 car stereo is best?

I bet you will.

I got the same thought with you and I can't wait to buy one from the online store and got it installed on my car.

Guest what? I didn't get any performance improvement. Instead it seems it runs a little slower. After searching some review online, I found that I am not the only with this issue.

I talked with some tech expert friends including one from Google.

The reason is that they are not used the official Android 10 system. The Android 10 Car stereo system is rooted from the previous version like 9.0. This makes the stereos look like Android it is Android 10 but actually it is still Android 9 or so.
As of the writing, Android 9.0 is still the most mature system for car stereo.

That makes sense, right?

To sum up. Due to the hardware limitation of the car stereo, nowadays the best car stereo you can get from the market is Android 9.0 car stereo.

I am sure the powerful Android 10 car stereo will be released in future. But honestly it may still take some time. Maybe a few more months.

Until then, you should get an Android 9.0 car stereo instead of Android 10 car stereo.
What do you think?
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I'm curious as to whether you had any audio issues? I recently bought an Erisin aftermarket 9.0 unit and it gets alot of alternator noise as well as other sources of noise. It isn't really noticeable with the music turned up but it does bother me. I think it's because I have a factory installed bose system which uses an external amplifier.

But i have heard this is a common issue among the aftermarket chinese HUs. I've been told its a grounding issue but I'm pretty unknowledgeable about electronics and dont really know how to solve the issue and dont want to start trying shielded cable till I know if it will work. Could it be the ungrounded speaker High level outputs?

I don’t believe Android 10 is stable on car stereo. Certain things still require operating system updates. Operating system-level features and support for new hardware standards can’t be rolled out in the background. They require new versions of the core operating system. I have had an XTRONS 8.0 unit for almost 2 years, many vehicle-based features, when I bought it, it was optimal and best Android car stereo in the market. Now there are many new models with new Android version, I wish to update it to Android 9.0 too but XTRONS support told me it couldn’t be updated to Android 9. Well, it is understandable. Now my unit is running very fast and smooth with Android 8.0, it is not because of the Android version, it is the core board and the software in the unit.
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