who manufacturers gold plated Jfets in Philippines ?

which semiconductor based company manufacturers gold plated jfets to Linear Systems in Philippines?


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I guess a fake would print a more "prestigious" Country (USA/Japan?Germany) to boost sales? ;)

If it says "Philippines" , then why not? they may very well have a plant there, even if headquartered in USA.

As an example, here's a list of plants owned and operated by ST, Europe's largest semiconductor maker, with "official" headquarters in Switzerland:
Manufacturing facilities

Major sites include:
Grenoble, France

Rousset, France

Tours, France

Milan, Italy

Catania, Italy

Kirkop, Malta

Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Tunis, Tunisia


Assembly plants

Muar, Malaysia
Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China, near Hong Kong
Calamba City, in the province of Laguna, Philippines
Ready to sell semiconductors would have the assembly/packaging factory Country printed on the case (since that was the last significant operation), even if the actual chip inside was made elsewhere.
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