who make the biggest plate amp?

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i am farly new to the diy audio scene but i do know that i love bass and losts of it.....
i have just completeed my first diy project which was a great sucess.
it was a hometheater 12in sub driven by 250w!
it is loug and clean.....but
i am going to be moving in a few years and i will have a dedicated room for home theater.
my parents have put me in charge of the surround sound system for the room.
i decided i want to build all the speakers.
the subs are where i come to a problem.
i want the subs to be active subs. and i want the to have internal amps. (plate amps)

i was wondering where i can get BIG plate amps?
BIG meaning tons of watts!
are they even made?

i am looking at 1000w subs so where can i get plate amps to power these suckers?

funding is not a big issue but i want to get good quality stuff, but not brank the bank.....

where can i get these things if they are even made?:confused:
who makes them and where can i get them?:confused:


If i were you i would build the n-channel or any mosfet amp fron e-holton www.aussieamplifiers.com and plate it i had a realy good idea but i now have a better one i was going to put mine on a plate and go from there.. Why do yu want to use a plate amp?? why not external ( are you building the subs into the wall..
the subs are not going to be built into the wall....
they are going to be 2 of the and the will act as well kinda night stands on ether side of the coutch......
i have no problem haveing external power but where can i get a good mono amp for a resnimble price......
i would like a fully featured amp with build in x-over....

please continue to post....
hey, I remembered looking at these while cruising through the www.adireaudio.com website a while ago, it is 1250W continuous into 4 ohms and is US$799


here is anoter one 720W (which is still HEAPS #$#%!!! of power) into 4 ohms and is US$499


eidt: ahh, pete u beat me....

oh, and those adire audio amps dont have built in crossovers...

also, it you are going to place them next to your couch remember to cross them over them really low, under 80Hz so you cant tell that theyre right next to you...
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If you need to make the plate amps into active crossovers, there is a discussion of that right here on this thread.

There is a link from that thread that shows you a ridiculously easy way to make your own crossovers that are inserted into the line between the main amp and the plate amp. This essentially converts the plate amp into a specialized sub amp.

http://www.t-linespeakers.org/tech/...assiveHLxo.html <http://www.t-linespeakers.org/tech/filters/passiveHLxo.html>

if you want to have a plateamp, see that the elctronic components and PCBs are mechanically insulated from the vibrations the subwoofer is creating. Mounted on rubber posts or on whatever.

Components and PCB loathe vibrations to slowly but surely corrupt internal connections and solder joints. This alone would keep me from having amp and XO in the same box with the driver.

But if you insist on it, see that the problem has been taken care of.
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Electro said:
planet10, you are talking about distortion. Yes, a small amplifier can output more but the reason it does is added distortion.

Sort of -- but certainly not the kind of distortion that the manufacturers give numbers on. In many cases those are actually backward. ie a very high feedback amp with vanishingly low distortion rarely sounds anywhere as good as amps with much lower feedback with measured distortion 100s or even 1000s of times higher.

I believe that it is much harder to make a really good sounding amp with more than a single output device (if single-ended) or 2 output devices (if push-pull).

I believe that it is much harder to make a really good sounding amp with more than a single output device (if single-ended) or 2 output devices (if push-pull).

The SE designs are easier to make but they don't produce the whole wave very effective. On more improved designs that uses differiental inputs, high frequency feedback, and different output designs you have to gradually build the amplifier in stages. Also they produce the whole wave. The differiental pair are temperature senstive, so some manufactures glue the two devices together or don't care. Solid states doesn't care how much feedback when it is amplifying. Some manufactures don't take precautions on where take the feedback from the output then back into the input stage. There are other things that Douglas Self explained in his book. Self only explains about Class-B amplifiers but he does explain that precautions can be used for any amplifier class design.

Back to finding the heftiest amplifier. Just about any amplifier will do but find the one that says RMS not PMPO. I'm sure you already know this. Subwoofers tend to consume tons of current (amperes) so find the one that has high current. Tripath might be a good amplifier company to look into. Tripath amplifiers can acheive higher wattages than 1000 watts but you need to find those rare MOSFETs that can handle more than 100 volts. People already listed the links that I'm going to tell you so that makes it easy for me.

Tripath - http://www.tripath.com

BTW, there are sites that have listed a circuit that has an active filter, bass boost, and sub-sonic filter. I can't find the link at this time.
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slicemaster101 said:
i always seprate my sub chamber from my amp......
i would not have to worry about the wave damaging the amp or x-over because i put the in a compleatly different sealed chamber....

That is half the battle. The other is vibration from the sub itself. One way to eliminate it at the source are tightly coupled dual-woofer push-push subs (2x10 instead of a 12, 2x12 instead of a 15, 2x15 instead of an 18, 2x24 instead of a 30)

so where can i get 2 of these MOSFETs badboys?
i went to the website but it is a little unclear......
and how much would it cost?
i dont want to endup paying thousands for my sub amps.....
so how much does this 1kw MOSFET Output Amplifier cost....
i knoticed that is is a diy project.....
i have no problem that it is not a big company but do i have to build the sucker?
i am not experenced with audio electronics and i cand soddr worth crap.....
could i have someone put it together for me?
a friend of mine builds powersupplies for a living...could he do it?
how much do these beasts cost total? parts and all

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